Come to My Rescue


Psalm 91:15

When he calls to me,  I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him.

Oh Lord, my God. You are infinitely beautiful in all You are. Thank You for hearing me when I cry out to You. No matter what time of day or how many times I stumble and fall, You are so gentle and loving to run to my aid. I need rescue absolutely constantly. At every moment I need Your protection and embrace. The enemy is out for destruction. I am in war. There isn’t a moment when bullets aren’t flying past me. I’m surrounded. And when I get shot, You run back from Your position and bring me to safety. You are next to me in this battle. In every battle. You don’t leave my side even when I ‘feel’ deserted.

The Lord has been teaching me to cry out to Him more. Especially when it comes to spiritual warfare going on in my mind. Just those little prayers of, “God, please help me” in a moment of attack have been so important. And this verse brings comfort. It reminds me that I have a loving and compassionate God. One who not only listens, but answers. One who is by my side through every struggle. But there, too, He goes above and beyond. He’s not only with me, but He rescues me. He snatches me away from the enemy-from myself. He pulls me out of the burning building, out of the ocean I was drowning in. He sees where we are, but never leaves us there when we ask for His help. And that’s the only ‘thing’.

We have to be faithful to the little things. To that first step of crying out. So often I am not. I’m somehow content to stay in the building that’s aflame, trying to find my way out. Eventually, my lungs fill with smoke. I’m fine with letting the waters wash over me, and take me to the depths. But He’s with me. I only need ask for His help and admit I do not have the capacity to save myself. It has to be an issue of none other than pride that holds someone-that holds me back-from asking for help.

I don’t want to go up in flames, and I don’t want to drown. I have the ultimate protector. The faithful shield and refuge. And He desires to rescue me from whatever trouble I face. “Come to Me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28.


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