Is God Enough?


1 Samuel 8:6

“But when they said, “Give us a king to lead us,” this displeased Samuel; so he prayed to the Lord”.

Life…it is not easy, nor is it fair. We can have so many questions, but ultimately, whether we believe it or not, God has a plan for every person. Not only does He have a plan, but it’s good.

God had a plan for the Israelites. They were His chosen people-His children. He governed and protected them. How does it get any better than that? They witnessed miracles. The Lord was with them, but time and time again, that was never enough for them. The Lord was not enough.

Instead of focusing on the things of God and being satisfied in Him, the people looked around. What did they see? Other nations ruled by kings. And so what did they want? To be just like everyone else.

Samuel was deeply upset by this. His first move? He prayed. I see this as a beautiful example to follow. Things happen all the time that are upsetting, disheartening, painful, and downright “unfair” or undeserved. Where do I turn when those things occur? Where do I seek comfort? As Samuel demonstrates, it is imperative to turn to God in those times.

If I don’t look to God, I’m going to look to something or someone else. I will look around me and see the ‘kings’ of the lives of those around me. What rules my life? Will I become just like the other people around me? Driven by money, pleasure, the things of this world that will never satisfy? Is it worth losing my soul to gain the world and be just like everyone else?

No. I’ve been there before. It is a truly miserable existence, and it never satisfies. But we serve a God who has given us free-will. He does not, and will not force our hand to follow Him. He will give us over to what we want. We must choose daily to focus on Him, to turn to Him in our moments of despair or in circumstances that do not make sense. WE must allow God to be enough in our hearts, lest we go astray.



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